Is your roof damaged - do you need your roof repaired? 

We replace a single lost roof tile after high winds or repair an entire roof due to storm damage.Daniel Ellis Roofing can help with all your repair needs 
Regular inspections of your roof are a an important and will help you to identify problems quickly. However storm damage, extreme weather conditions as well as general wear and tear can result in the need for immediate roof repairs. Its absolutely essential these are carried out by a professional. You can rely of Danniel Ellis Roofing to carry out the repairs quickly to the correct standards and help you avoid more costly, damage to your property. 
Leaking Roof? 
Emergency 24/7. Please call us on: 

Storm and Gale Damage Roof Repair Service 

The weather in the UK throughout the year can range from from warm and sunny, to rainy and windy and even storms and gales. Worcestershire is suffers these extremes too. These weather conditions can take their toll on your roof, requiring any number of roof repairs. If you find roofing broken slates or tiles on the ground around your house after a storm, don’t delay in calling Daniel Ellis Roofing. Damage to your roof from storms can lead to significant roof leaks or a shortened lifespan of your roof. 
No job is too big or too small. We will carry out roof repairs including; flat, tiled, slate and pitched ofied roofs and homes and businesses. Call now on 0116 266 2349. 

Leaking Roof Repairs 

Roofing materials that have been improperly installed can lead to a number of roofing problems ranging from leaks around valleys and vents to wind blow-off. And, poor quality materials and installation can shorten the lifespan of your roof requiring extensive repairs and in some cases, entire roof replacements. 

Snow Damage 

It's not often in Worcestershire we have repeated snow falls, but when they happen snow accumulation on the roof will increased the weight of the roof. This extra load increases pressure and can cause a roof to deflect or bow downwards. In some extreme cases it can cause walls to deflect outward at either the top of or base of the wall. 
Snow damage to the roof is more likley when: 
A the snow load on the roof is well above the design limits of the roof 
Buildings with extensions or modification to roofs without considering the original load design e.g. installation of a new roof using original structural framework 
The roof is poorly maintained 
Poor maintenance of gutters and drainage systems so melting snow and rain cannot drain away from the roof 

Our Roof Replacement Projects  

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