Are your Factory Roofs and Gutters Leaking and in Need of Attention? 

Are your office or factory ceilings or walls stained? 
Can you see water entering your building - water dripping and puddles inside? 

Damaged Membrane and needs repair 

could be caused for example by falling objects, or foot traffic 

Your roof is beyond its lifespan and needs to be replaced 

A commercial roof typically has a planned design life of 15-20 years life is fro a commercial roof 

Damaged Roof Flashings need repair 

Areas around roof edges, skylights, chimneys can get damaged or simply need to be renewed because they have reached the end of their serviceable life. 

We repair and replace all types of commercial roofing systems 

In recent years at Daniel Ellis Roofing have gained an excellent reputation for our roofing services to the commercial and industrial sectors, and we have completing roofing projects for a huge selection of clients using the following types of commercial roofing systems. 

Factory Gutter Liners 

One of the most ignored part of a factory building are its gutters. 
Without routine maintenance, gutters can become damaged and fall into a state of disrepair. This can cause leaks and mould growth which in turn will lead to further damage of the fabric of the building and lead to more costly repairs. If you clean and inspect your gutters regularly you can save money on costly breakdowns caused by gutters overflowing plus you will be forewarned of other maintenance issues before they become a crisis. 

Emergency Gutter Repair 

We react quickly and economically - not only fixing the problem but ensuring it does not occur again, 

Sharman Guttter Liners 

Daniel Ellis is an approved installer for Sharman Guttering systems. We are not alone when we say we consider Sharmans Plygene® Gutterline to be one of the best commercial and industrial gutter lining systems on the market. It has a unique non-bonded, seamless “gutter within a gutter” system, and the performance is means that it is offered with a 25 year guarantee. 

Asbestos Roof Conversions 

There are still commercial properties in the local area with an Asbestos Roof or roofing Sheets that contain a small amount of asbestos cement. 

Routine Gutter and Roof Maintenance 

Routine gutter maintenance result in gutters and roofing that will provide extended longevity, reducing the risk of damage to property, both internally and externally. At Daniel Ellis Roofing we offer gutter maintenance, repair and replacement services for both large or small commercial properties including warehouses, retail spaces and office buildings. 

Leak and issues we've worked on  

Our Industrial Roofing Projects  

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